The IV Barcelona Motoclàssica includes 130 motorcycles prior to 1986

01/06/2015 - 16:02

The IV Barcelona Motoclàssica includes 130 motorcycles prior to 1986

Last May 30th, Barcelona Motorcycle Museum organized another edition of the so called Barcelona Motoclassica, which consists of an urban rally for historical motorcycles built before 1986 and which gives the opportunity to see in the city itself the unique collector's items center. Visitors were able to see vehicles running around the city. These were genuine collector items.

A total of 130 motorbikes and more than 150 people participated in the event. A circuit consisting of 60km across the main streets of Barcelona and selected parts of the Rabassada up hill, Vallvidrera and Flor de Maig.

Motorbikes were the focal points of the day, attracting the attention of all pedestrians and tourists who, surprised at the large number of vehicles, did nothing but taking pictures all the time as they passed by the main city streets. As always, Spanish brands like Montesa, Bultaco and OSSA, were the most popular (road and off road models). Also the mythical Vespa and high-powered BMW, which contrasted with some mopeds of Derbi, Torrot or Mobylette.

The specialized jury, chaired by Estanislao Soler (president of the Museu Moto Mario Soler Foundation) awarded different prizes:
The oldest rider was Oriol Puig Bultó, who at nearly 80 years old, completed the route riding a Bultaco 155 dated 1959.

Regarding the award for the oldest motorcycle was a tie between Jordi Rifà with one Alcyon of 1928, and Artur Bujaldón with La Mondiale of the same year.

Mario Gran and his Ducati 125 TS of 1964 won the award for the best bike kept in its original conditions and the largest Club was Club Sanglas Catalunya with a total of 8 participants. 

Diego Tamayo and his Sanglas 500S dated 1977 won the special prize "Catalan motorcycle brand".

The "Best scooter" was a Vespa dated 1954 from Joan Llibre and "Best sidecar" a Vespa S from 1963. 

Ferran Torres won the IV Motoclásica Barcelona special prize with his BMW R100RS from 1979

The weather was perfect and lots of viewers came to see the exhibited motorcycles from all participants at the Shopping Center La Illa Diagonal. Some workshops for children and families were organized as well.

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01/06/2015 - 16:02

The IV Barcelona Motoclàssica includes 130 motorcycles prior to 1986

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