The Motorcycle Museum included in the exhibition MOTO Catalunya

02/03/2015 - 16:06

The Motorcycle Museum included in the exhibition MOTO Catalunya

The Palau Robert of Barcelona has just opened "Catalunya MOTO", an exhibition held by the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Council where the catalan moto and motorcycling are also presented from an industrial, social, sports and technology point of view.

The exhibition pays special homage to all individuals who make, and have made, possible that Catalonia is a worldwide reference in the motorcycle area. 

Motorcycle Museum has collaborated not only with the transfer of several pieces of his collection, but also as a member of the Advisory Board. In addition, in the indoors exhibition, the two branches of the Private Foundation Mario Soler Moto Museum, Bassella Motorcycle Museum and Barcelona Motorcycle Museum, ​​have their own space with the motto: bike is culture.

The exhibition is divided into four thematical areas: Industry, Company, Competition and Technology. The industry section introduces the historical evolution of bikes in Catalonia. Since the first initiatives in the 1920s, the already disappeared factories as Derbi, Sanglas, Ducati Mototrans to even current manufacturers: Gas Gas, Ossa, Rieju, Montesa-Honda, the reurrected Bultaco, etc.

In the society section visitors could see all those catalan initiatives that have a direct bearing on the interests of big name users and motorcycle fans. It makes reference to the concentrations of users, clubs, urban style, the auxiliary industry ... It is specifically in this area where people speak about the Motorcycle Museum and highlights about its main activities, such as classic motorcycles meeting, ​​the Barcelona Motoclàssica.

In the competition area, one could see many freat feeds from Catalan riders, the best in the world in a variety of disciplines of motorcycling, besides the history of the sport in Catalonia; the methods, circuits, schools of pilots, mechanics and engineers who fight for keeping the continuity of sporting success and the work of the Catalan Motorcycling Federation.

The biggest highlight of the exhibition, taking place thanks to the cooperation of Motorcycle Museum Bassella-Barcelona, are the historical audiovisuals with images of circuits, motorcycle schools, racing in the past and nowadays, and global successes of the Catalan pilots.

Finally, in the technology section, visitors can enjoy the traditional initiative in Catalonia, which stands to achieve technologically advanced products.

The exhibition can be visited at the Palau Robert in Barcelona until October 25th, 2015.




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02/03/2015 - 16:06

The Motorcycle Museum included in the exhibition MOTO Catalunya

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