The first Bassella Norton Day edition was held on September 22nd

08/10/2018 - 16:48

The first Bassella Norton Day edition was held on September 22nd

30 Norton's bikes participated in the event,  dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Commando model and the Brand's victory in the 24 hours of Montjuic in 1968.

On September 22nd, in Bassella, took place the first edition of the Norton Day, a meeting dedicated to this legendary motorcycle British Brand that aimed to commemorate, on the one hand, the 50th anniversary of the model Commando and, and secondly, the 50th anniversary of the victory of this mythical Brand in the 24 hours of Montjuic in 1968, with a team formed by Ricardo Fargas and Juan Antonio Rodés, with the technical support of mechanic Joan Vilaro.

The event was organized by the Museu Moto Bassella with the collaboration of the "Club Norton Catalonia" as well as the NOC (Norton Owners Club). Mr Martín Bernert, their delegate in Spain, attended the event.

Some 30 participants from different parts of Catalonia, as well as from both Valencia and Balearic islands enjoyed the day. There were many models to be admired: Commando in its Fastback, Roadster and Interstate versions of 750 and 850cc, Production Racer replica, John Player, dominator 88, 99, Atlas 750, 16H, etc... Even more some Commando 961 models were displayed since they did not want to miss the meeting.

The Norton Day started with a visit to the Moto Bassella Museum. This Museum displays, on their permanent exhibition, a good collection of Norton motorcycles, out of which different models of the 20s (mod. 1 "big Four ", Colonial,...), and 30s (CS1 luxe, Mod. 18,) together with several special pieces of competition are actually outstanding, like a Manx 500cc of 1953 or a 500T off road of the beginnings of the trial in 1949.

After a small tour, everybody arrived to the restaurant where the meal and party's end took place.

It should be highlighted the presence of Juan Antonio Rodés  and Joan Vilaro, who captivated all the participants' attention with their stories, anecdotes and memories of their participation in the 24hours of Montjuic and also of the great and well known collector, Ramon Magriñá, who arrived on a very original Atlas. 

In short, a day that allowed to bring together all Norton fans who shared their great hobby for classic bikes. The organizers were very pleased with the outcome and they do not dismiss the fact of repeating this appointment next year with the aim of consolidating the Bassella Norton Day as an annual appointment in the Motorcycle calendar.

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08/10/2018 - 16:48

The first Bassella Norton Day edition was held on September 22nd

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