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The catalan motorbike,

Temporary,Barcelona Motorbike Museum
19th May - 3rd October 2017

After overcoming a serious crisis, the Catalan motorbike industry is again at the forefront of the sector.

The Barcelona Motorbike Museum, in collaboration with Clustermoto, presents a new temporary exhibition, under the title "The Catalan Motorbike today".

Divided into five different areas - trial, mopeds, electric motorcycle, competition and auxiliary industry - the exhibition has a selection of 24 representative models of various Catalan brands. All of them had the empowerment to reinvent themselves, deriving from the experience of the glorious past of the 60s and 70s and overcoming a devastating crisis, to put themselves back into the sector's vanguard.

Fighting against multinationals is a very complicated task, but it is possible to do so by specialising in very specific segments, in which experience, quality of manufacture and design prevail over the price issue. The current Catalan motorcycle industry is based on the specialisation and this exhibition aims to reflect this fact across all areas represented here.

Visitors will have the opportunity to contemplate the latest technological and design innovations that are produced in Catalonia. In addition, they will discover several features when it comes to interacting with an original set of rear-view mirrors and they will experience the feelings of driving an off road motorcycle in a photocall with three different models, two of them for children so that the little ones also enjoy themselves in the show.

The exhibition will be opened to the general public until September 30th 2017.

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