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Temporary,Bassella Motorcycle Museum
From February until 18th September 2022

Jointly organised with the Gerart Gallery (Art Gallery in Tárrega), it is a combination of art and motorbike design.

Purpose of the exhibition aims for the common thread between the motorbike that meant the beginning of people's mobility in our country, during the post-war period, up to the popularisation of the automobile during the 1960s, a time when the motorbike industry had to reinvent itself by diversifying and adapting to the new market demands.

So that, the visitor will admire different types of both models and periods: from the national brands of the early 50s (Montesa, Lube, Bultaco, Clua, Vespa,...) to more sporty and grand touring models of the 70s and early 80s (BMW, Moto Guzzi, Norton,...) together with even more sophisticated like the cafe racer models.

The exhibition reviews the work done by German designer Hans A. Muth, a key figure in the development of legendary BMW models such as the R90S and R100RS as well as the unique Suzuki Katana, among other motorbikes.

The artistic touch has the signature of Granada painter Raul Contreras and his "monochromatic hyperrealism". Spectacular works that are linked to the two wheels world, where black and white colours are predominant, under a remarkable strength. His timelessness, his elegance, his game between simplicity and complexity, his skill with the contrast between light and darkness, is the result of the perfect blend of gift and passion.

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