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Indian Militar
741 500cc

Indian Militar 741 500cc

Technical specifications


Year of production

Not exhibited at this moment

2 cylinders in V at 42º in longitudinal position, 500cc.
4 stroke. Side valves. Air cooling.


Coupled to an air filter with oil bath (a large uniqueness of this model).

4.00 x 18 (exaggerated in size relative to the size of the motorbike)

Indian Militar 741 500cc

Indian, founded in 1900 by George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom, was one of the great American brands, together with Harley Davidson, his racing and commercial competitor since its founding. The first year only three motorcycles were produced. 1902 the production increased up to 140 units. Since its inception and until it closed its doors in 1953 always maintained an institutional red color, with golden fillets.

In 1907 the brand created his first V-twin engine at 42º and its racing success definitely helped this brand to consolidate in the market, achieving in 1914 a production of 60,000 units and 2000 dealers spread all over the world. One of the most popular models was the Powerplus, which was already exported into five continents before 1920. 

The motorcycle of our collection corresponds to the 741 model, used by American troops during 2nd World War. In fact, the US Marines were responsible for bringing many units to Europe, so at the end of the war many of them were found in the west and south of France.

It is an outstanding performance bike that sought to compete with the German BMW R75 "War".  It derived from the two famous Indian Scout models already in production since several years: the Sport and Junior. From the first, inherited the front fork, wheels and frame, while from the second adopted the engine and the rear part.

Another accessory designed for military purposes is the double installation of lighting: one with normal largest lighthouse for liaison missions and one with a tiny headlamp on the fender and almost covered in order to blend in war missions.


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