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Corgi Excelsior Spirit 98cc

Bruckhouse  Corgi Excelsior Spirit 98cc

Technical specifications


Year of production

Exhibited at Bassella Motorcycle Museum

Excelsior 98cc, 2-stroke, single cylinder, horizontal single-disc clutch
Removable aluminium cylinder head
Carter monobloc one gear
Silencer aluminium


and electrical installation Lucas


Inner expanding breaks

12 '' 

Black and red

Bruckhouse  Corgi Excelsior Spirit 98cc

The origin of this unique motorcycle is found in the so-called "Welbyke", a military model that the English built at the end of the Second World War. It was a folding bike that during the Normandy Disembarkment, the allied troops parachuted - in a metal cylinder 38cm in diameter- so the infantry was able to move around.

The success was such that its creator, JRV Dolphin, decided to create a version of this model for civil use. He called it "Corgi", named after a breed of dog of Wales characterized by having long body and short legs. It was equipped with an Excelsior engine 98cc and showed some improvements over its predecessor: more comfortable and foldable (low vertically), bigger fuel tank (6 liters), ... Despite the brake and clutch controls were completely conventional, it retained the curiosity to support the foot at the running board, it automatically started and putting the foot down, without touching the clutch, the bike stopped moving. 

Thanks to its mechanical simplicity and small dimensions, it quickly became a very attractive bike easy handling for a wide public, even for the most unexperienced. Manufactured by the British firm Brockhouse Engineering Co., it was basically designed from the beginning to export. Two years after its launch in the USA more than 5,000 units were sold. Later, a new and more evolved model, MK2, was created, but did not get the same success as the Corgi.

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